Tool Necessities for Filming Movies

Have you ever had the pleasure of filming a movie? If not, you are missing out on quiet a wonderful experience because it can be fun to take part, regardless how insignificant it may seem. Everyone plays their part from the wardrobe and costume department to the actors and directors. However, there are some tools that newcomers to this industry forget when it comes to filming a movie and it can shut the project down before it’s even begun. So, what tools are must-haves when filming movies?

High Quality Cameras Are a Must-Have

You would think it’s a given to have a high quality camera when filming a movie and yet too many people forget about it. Some people think any camera that can record will be sufficient but that’s not the attitude to take. You have to remember, there are going to be scenes where you need a pan-out view as well as widescreen shots and not being able to hone in on a character at great distance is troublesome. That is why you have to ensure you buy a high quality camera so that you are able to do all the shots you want without any issues. Without a quality camera, you will have a lot of problems. More details here:

Laser Machines Are Musts for Scenery and Props

A lot of people don’t think too much about laser machines but they are truly vital when it comes to crafting new props and scenery. When you use laser cutting machines you can cut through fabrics and lots of other materials within seconds. This will essentially make the prop and costume department’s job easier and if you’re doing most of the hard work, it’ll be a vital tool to have. Also, the finish to the props and scenery can be great and it will look better than with sloppy edges or cuts. This is something you must consider when dealing with scenery or props.  If you’re a DIY’er think about utilizing CNC machines, 3D printers or laser cutters.  I recommend visiting Boss Laser for affordable laser cutting machinery.   If some of your movie props require metal cutting check this page out.

Lighting and Sound Tools and Equipment Are Crucial For Effective Filming

Unless you are filming a silent picture, you are going to have to ensure the sound mics you have are effective enough. You don’t just need one decent mic, you need high quality sound mics and booms to ensure all sound are picked up. It’s not ideal to go through filming and to watch the film back in the editing room only to find it’s impossible to pick up a word of what half the cast are saying. That is going to cost you more time and money to re-shoot it all and it’s not always ideal either for one reason or another. You must ensure the mics are high quality and it goes the same for lighting fixtures. The picture needs to have sufficient lighting whether you’re filming in the day or night time. If there is incorrect lighting the picture can look ruined. You must have properly lights and lighting when filming movies.  Some of the props can get expensive and you can save your budget by doing some of them yourself.

Film with Ease

There is a lot that goes into creating a movie and if you aren’t careful the project can fall flat. For the most part, it’s down to the inexperience of the director and film makers that cause a project to go haywire. The worst part is that often, crucial filming tools are neglected and forgotten about which really puts the project off on the wrong foot. However, the above are just a few simple tools you are going to need and it’s important not to forget them! They will make your movie go much easier.

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