About Spidvid

Our team is passionate about video, and video projects too since that's where everything begins. 

Video has evolved a ton over the past few years. Video on the web is exploding. With massive growth from video viewers to video creators, there are many special things happening right before our eyes on a daily basis. Spidvid was built so that anyone with an idea, a script, or assets for a video can easily launch a project, connect with much needed talent, build teams, collaborate, produce content, then get it uploaded for the world's audience to watch and share. Members can also financially compensate each other for the projects they are part of safely and securely through escrow or invoice transactions.

Since Spidvid's launch over 5 years ago, we have seen many types of projects thrive on our website including: feature films, short films, TV series, web series, corporate, music videos, weddings, documentaries, cooking, animations, live events, student films, and advertisements/promos.

Billions of videos are viewable online and offline. But where are those originating projects? Chances are they reside in email, in offline text documents, in bad project management sites not even built for video, and forgotten in people's minds. How messy! Spidvid puts video projects in the cloud so that every amazing video knows where it came from.


Jeremy Campbell, Founder and President

Jeremy loves leading product design and development, bringing in amazing people to become Spidvid members, and creating yummy cooking videos. He is commonly referred to as the "swiss army knife of Spidvid." If you are looking to join, partner with, or invest in Spidvid, then he is the man to talk to! You can reach him at jeremy@spidvid.com, or if you only need 140 characters you can connect with him on Twitter @JeremyCampbell

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